18 Nov 2019

Mavi Offers Different Experiences To Customers On E-Commerce

Known as a lifestyle brand that has a voice in the global fashion world, Mavi carries its high-quality products forward with the philosophy of "Perfect Fit". Perfect Fit allows to understand customer needs, to monitor closely and to offer products that deserve their price. Transforming into an international ready-to-wear and accessories brand, Mavi makes significant investments in innovation and technology. It uses technology at the highest level to maintain its competence in every channel it reaches its customers.

Mavi proceeded with our expert team in the second phase of the SAP SKY II project, which it carried out to consolidate its leadership in e-commerce, one of the channels it has reached its customers for a long time.

Increasing the e-commerce performance by improving the customer experience, Mavi offered different experiences to its customers, while making the mobile application system equipped with new features more user-friendly.

A Brand New Customer Experience

After our project with our expert team, Mavi; it has become enabling its customers to have a faster, safer and richer experience. The management panel has been simplified and with the new promotion module, the way for Mavi to reach its customers with different campaigns has been paved. The overall performance of the e-commerce portal has been increased, and its mobile integration and security features have been improved.

After completing the second phase of the project successfully as Felece Teknoloji, Mavi continues its global journey as the prestigious lifestyle brand of the fashion world with more confident steps.