21 Apr 2021

Sarteks SAP is Celebrating Its Success With S/4HANA Project

Sarteks, which provides fabric, dye and printing services in all national and international markets with the vision it has brought to the textile industry and its 25 years of experience; As of April 2021, it took the first step in the SAP S/4HANA Project in cooperation with Felece in order to maintain the innovative spirit it carries in the sector in the field of technology-based business targets.

Sarteks Chairman of the Board of Directors, Erkan Sartık, evaluated the project that will come to life.

What were your motivations and needs as you embarked on the SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation journey with Felece?

We, as Sarteks, have been operating in Istanbul Zeytinburnu, in the heart of the textile industry, for 25 years. In our rapidly changing and highly competitive industry, institutionalization is one of the strongest factors that will set us apart from our competitors. We have been closely following all the innovations in our sector for many years, implementing them and offering maximum satisfaction to our customers. We know that high sales figures are not enough to be a corporate organization. After we had this vision, the ERP programs we used were not enough for us. At this point, we searched for a new system and decided to work with the best in its field.

What are your reasons for choosing SAP S/4HANA solution and Felece?

Felece easily stood out from other options with its experience in digital transformation services in the textile industry, as well as the competence of its consultant staff and its dominance in the field. Behind our very comprehensive evaluation criteria, we believed that Felece was the right business partner for us, due to its successful references, focused approach and experienced staff.