16 Jun 2020

Seçil Kauçuk Manages Purchasing and Order Processes Online with VEPO

Seçil Kauçuk, which has transferred its purchasing and order processes to the digital environment with VEPO, now manages its relations with its suppliers more quickly and effectively.

Thanks to the application, which also offers access via mobile devices; The office has become able to easily communicate with its suppliers by accessing the necessary information independently.

With the project; Seçil Kauçuk, which gained the ability to access the system regardless of office and location, has also minimized the time losses caused by communication problems with its suppliers.

With our VEPO solution, developed by our expert team and integrated online with SAP, we can manage purchasing, orders, offers, invoices, ASN, price, stock and current information and critical information in a highly reliable environment. At the same time, thanks to all details of transactions such as various announcements and announcements, orders that can be managed anytime and anywhere with VEPO, the rate and speed of order fulfillment have also been increased.