9 Feb 2022

Silverline Prefers Felece in SSH Service Cloud Project

Silverline, which develops design-oriented, environmentally friendly and innovative products with robotic technologies, preferred Felece for its SSH Service Cloud project.

Silverline, which is one of the biggest brands in the world in the production and sales of built-in kitchen products, exports to more than 70 countries with its more than 1000 employees and an average production of 1 million 200 thousand pieces per year.

With the project, it is aimed to move the after-sales service activities of Silverline to the mobile environment, to transfer the existing CRM structure to the Service Cloud, to gain mobile field service capability, to easily carry out multi-channel business processes, to increase the service volume by establishing a 360-degree customer experience and integrated system architecture.

We wish success to all teams who will contribute to a project that will create value and difference for our customers.