9 February 2022

Gürok Holding Continues to Grow


Gürok Holding, which started its activities in 1948, continues to develop in all areas where it produces products and services, from tourism to table glass production and the building sector.

21 April 2021

Sarteks SAP is Celebrating Its Success With S/4HANA Project


Sarteks, which provides fabric, dye and printing services in all national and international markets with the vision it has brought to the textile industry and its 25 years of experience; As of April 2021, it took the first step in the SAP S/4HANA Project in cooperation with Felece in order to maintain the innovative spirit it carries in the sector in the field of technology-based business targets.

26 March 2021

BThaber Interview with Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya


Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya gave an interview to BThaber about the rapidly changing business order and how businesses can survive in this order. You can view the pleasant interview of Felece, who adds added value to more and more businesses every day, and also mentions his strong investments in Anatolian geography, below this news.

10 March 2021

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya - Evaluation of Capital Issue


“Pandemi tüm dünyayı daha önce hiç olmadığı kadar eşitledi. En uzak noktada çalışan genç bir yazılımcı ile Eskişehir’deki yeni mezun bir endüstri mühendisi de eşit bir erişimle aynı sabaha uyanıyor. Bu yeni düzen, insan odaklı iş yapış şekilleri üzerine kurulu.