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Web Test Solution (FLOAD)

E-commerce is growing in volume on a daily basis. Developed to ensure your business and quality continuity in e-commerce, the Fload solution enables you to improve customer experience while achieving an uninterrupted workflow. Felece Fload is compatible with all e-commerce solutions and can be used on all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, etc. Easily applicable to almost every industry, Fload automates the test processes of especially medium- and large-sized companies, enabling cost, resource and time savings. It performs the required controls much more quickly by freeing your test environment from human errors. With Fload, you can execute, save and replay the same test plan over and over again when needed. Moreover, you can use Fload on any SAP and non-SAP platform, and run it instantly.

On an e-commerce web site, many transactions are scenario-based. With the Felece Fload solution, you can apply more than one scenario, and see all scenarios that may take place on the site before going live, having the opportunity to fix any potential problems. In the Fload solution, all user-related processes on an e-commerce platform from logging in to ordering are monitored and tested by a robot. You can receive instant feedbacks and reports. Fload can be used by product development companies as well as in many products that require testing and helps testing different authentications.


Reduces the workload of test specialists.

Provides instant feedback on platforms that run 24/7.

Quickly detects all problems before going live.

Tests the test plans to be tested on different platforms much more easily in comparison to manual testing.

Reduces the time and costs associated with testing all workflows, domains, and adverse scenarios.

Is reusable.

Does not require human intervention.

Helps increase test coverage.

Provides enhanced error detection.

Provides better reporting capabilities.

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