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The introduction of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has enabled the widespread use of mobile applications in the professional ecosystem. Corporate mobile applications play a key role in boosting the efficiency of both the employees and the sales of products and services. Mobile applications are effective in building relationships between companies and their customers. They are an integral part of digital transformation. According to a survey conducted by ContractIQ, approximately 62% of enterprises already have a mobile application or a one that is under development. 50% of these enterprises use their apps for engagement, 30% for revenue generation and 20% for raising brand awareness. Combining technology with a solution-oriented approach and offering them to companies as Felece, we develop mobile applications in line with the expectations and needs of companies’ mobile strategies, a key component of digital transformation. With our experienced consultants and application developers, we provide professional solutions in numerous organizations including banks where the latest technological developments are being implemented. With the innovative technologies we use, we enable you to get the most out of mobile channels, platforms, and applications and provide mobile applications with industry-specific capabilities.

Boost interaction with the Mobile Event Application

Mobile Event Application offers an event management platform that can be used via mobile devices and enables you to easily manage events and meetings which are an integral part of business life. The mobile application includes many features including organizing new events, creating meeting requests, instant messaging and conducting surveys between participants, enabling you to effectively organize your events and meetings, as well as creating a powerful interaction between participants.

Mobil Etkinlik Uygulaması'nda sizi neler bekliyor?

Capability to manage multiple events simultaneously

Photo and content sharing

Event agenda

Profile management for participants

Instant messaging

Conducting surveys

Communication among participants and speakers

Organizing a meeting

Organization and sharing of the floor plan

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